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Azure Jason

Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion

Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion

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The key features of this cushion include providing comfort and support for all lotus and cross-legged positions, offering great knee support, and giving sit bones lift to alleviate lower back strain. If you prefer to kneel, simply turn it on its side for added comfort and support to your knees.

The advantages of using the Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion are endless. It helps facilitate proper posture during prolonged periods of sitting, stabilizes your back, and keeps your spine aligned. Plus, the 100% cotton cover is free of allergens, synthetics, and chemicals – making it easy to care for.

By choosing the Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion, you'll benefit from a comfortable and supportive meditation experience. Whether you practice Restorative Yoga or Kundalini Yoga Meditation, this cushion will provide the perfect amount of support while lying down on your back.

Make the decision to enhance your meditation practice with the Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion today!
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