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Azure Jason

Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion

Zabuton Yoga Meditation cushion

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Features: - Size: 24" X 30" X 3" (61 CM X 76 CM X 7.6 CM) - Moderate lift for sit bones during meditation - Versatile support for various meditation positions - 100% cotton twill cover for breathability and absorbency

Advantages: - Comfortable support for long meditation sessions - Great knee support for kneeling positions - Facilitates proper posture and spine alignment - Allergen-free, synthetic-free, and easy to care for

Benefits: - Enjoy deep meditation sessions with comfort and ease - Alleviate lower back strain with sit bone lift - Experience breathability and absorbency with the cotton cover - Find versatile support for different yoga and meditation styles

You deserve a comfortable and supportive meditation experience. The Zabuton Yoga Meditation Cushion offers everything you need to enhance your practice. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to blissful meditation sessions!
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