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Smart EMS Fitness Vibration Belt Abdominal Trainer Muscle Slimming

Smart EMS Fitness Vibration Belt Abdominal Trainer Muscle Slimming

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  • EMS abdominal muscle belt for fitness exercise adopts EMS micro-electric technology. It can continue and stimulate the contact area, and achieve muscle movement through the mutual confrontation of muscle groups to accelerate the decomposition of fat. Use it every day, the effect is more obvious.

  • The training time is about 20 minutes. 6 modes and 9 vibration frequencies are available to help you with fat belly burning. With USB charging design, and easy to use without replacing the battery.

  • Easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere, at work, during housework, during professional training, during leisure and fitness.

  • Shape quickly, train your abdominal muscles, reduce your belly, and strengthen your arm muscles.A perfect solution for abdominal muscle relaxation, small belly convex, thin waist and fat accumulation.

  • The silicone sheet can be wiped with a damp cloth, and the belt is less sticky than the patch. It has a better experience and is very convenient to use.


Project: Smart Fitness Equipment

Features: weight loss, slimming, thin waist, healthy, harmless

Gender: Adult

Appearance material: PU leather, ASS resin

The package includes:

1*EMS belt

1*USB charging cable

1*Instruction manual

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