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Rotating Push Up Handles

Rotating Push Up Handles

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Rotating Push Up Bars/Handles

Level up your bodyweight home-workout routine: Take your bodyweight training to another level with these rotating push-up bars. Build stronger and muscular arms, shoulders, chest, core, and back more effectively and efficiently with an additional range of motion with the rotating function.

Protect Your Wrists from Grueling Upper-Body Workout Routine: Unlike fixed push-up stands that put the wrists in awkward and sometimes painful angles, using rotating push-up bars reduces the strain on the wrists and shoulders which helps prevent joint pain and potential injury. Rotating feature provides smooth & full rotation for the natural alignment of the arms and wrists.

Skid-Resistant & Quality Design for Load-Bearing Capacity: Skid-resistant pads on the bottom of each push-up bar provide reliable traction on a variety of surfaces such as carpet, rubber mat, granite, marble, and hardwood floors to protect you from slipping during your workout.

Ergonomic Wide Handles: The handles are ergonomically contoured to fit male and female hands for optimum comfort and a better grip while performing any exercise.

Lightweight & Portable: Whether you are at home or on the go, these lightweights and small rotating push-up bars can be easily used anywhere. They are easy to store or carry with.

What You Get: 2 pcs Rotating push-up bars, 1 pc carry bag with an instruction manual.

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