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PGG Folding Portable Neck Massager 5 Modes Massage Pulse Infrared

PGG Folding Portable Neck Massager 5 Modes Massage Pulse Infrared

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  • As comfortable as a hot towel

The neck massager has a built-in new thermostat, which can gently penetrate into the neck skin and deeply relax the neck muscles. Use it for 15 minutes each time and use it twice a day. It relieves neck pain throughout the day and is skin-friendly. The breathable soft silicone material makes There is no pressure on the carotid artery, and the U-shaped neck is closer to the skin, which is suitable for different people's neck sizes and neck curves.

  • Cervical spine massage is effective

The neck massager uses electrical pulses to transmit to the deep skin and uses electrical pulses to simulate various massages to achieve deep relaxation of the cervical spine. The electrode pads of the massager quickly heat up to a constant temperature of 42C gold to help soften the stiff muscles of the neck and promote regional blood circulation.

  • Lightweight and thin, comfortable to wear

Say goodbye to the bulky neck massager, which weighs only 0.16 pounds and has a large-capacity battery. Compatible with USB charging for 1 hour, 15 minutes of use per day, 6 days of continuous use, to ensure you get a safe massage experience. At the same time, the high frequency is muted, and there is a noise reduction design, and the sound is almost inaudible.

  • Meet different life needs

We have created a brand new appearance for this massager, with exquisite and simple design + temperament and fashionable colors, and then endowed with streamlined electroplating smooth pulse electrodes, which has become a versatile and colorful trendy product between the necks.

  • Safe to use

This neck massager uses electric pulse therapy. It is forbidden to implant a pacemaker into the body or do not use it when carrying metals into the body. Due to the use of electric pulse therapy, you may feel an electric shock when using it. This is normal. If your neck is dry, it can relax the muscles more deeply than traditional massage. Please wipe your neck with a wet towel before using it. It will be better to use.



Applicable parts: neck

Massage contacts: Two

The product contains: folding massager x1, soothing gel patch x2,

                                    Storage bag x1, USB charging cable x1

Product color: white, blue, red, gray

Product weight: 72g (0.16 lb)

Product size: 103*137*35mm (4.1*5.4*1.4 inch)

Battery: 450mAh lithium battery

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 5W

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